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I'm very fortunate to work with a great group of people!

Shaklee is full of real people, just like you and me, who are creating their own success.

Like minds attract, and the 'Shaklee Family' knows value when they see it. They are quality, hard working, good people whose values go hand in hand with Shaklee values.

And we like to have FUN!




Betty Hughes, (Senior Executive Coordinator, TN) was introduced to Shaklee over 40 years ago by her brother. She was a stay at home mom of four children at the time and wanted to improve her health. After four months experiencing Shaklee products, she decided to take advantage of the opportunity in order to meet three goals -- pay fall tuition for three of their children; replace her husband’s night club entertainment income and pay off their debt. In 15 months, she accomplished two of those goals and grew her business to Master Coordinator with 15 first level Leaders. Betty took a sabbatical for the last 7 years to take care of her mom who passed this year at the age of 93. She is now rebuilding her business and is recognized as a Million Dollar Income Earner and Star Achiever. 


Carla Clayton, (Senior Coordinator,GA) was introduced to the Shaklee products and opportunity over 25 years ago and while she initially enjoyed Shaklee products she wasn't interested in the opportunity. In 2004, she left her teaching career to stay home with her two girls and began building her Shaklee business. She reached the rank of Senior Coordinator and enjoyed recognition as a Star Achiever for two years. Circumstances changed and Carla put Shaklee on hold to go back to work full-time. With the launch of Shaklee 180™, Carla left her corporate job, doubled her Shaklee income, and once again earned Star Achiever recognition. She is excited about building a team of passionate, mission-minded moms who want to make a difference.  She and her team have been recognized as Star Achievers for the past 5 years and she's earned two all expenses paid vacations to Mexico. 


Debra Luther (Director, GA) is a wife, mom of three, and court reporter who has loved Shaklee for 20 years. Debra’s amazing story…includes how Shaklee 180™ made it possible for her to make a life-changing shift (She has currently lost over 120 pounds!)**



Shannon Cox (Associate, GA) is the mother of two and the grandmother of five. She is retired and recently started her Shaklee business. She began using Shaklee products this past May, and as she began to experience good results with the products and learn more about the company, she decided to attend the Nashville conference with Carla Clayton and Debra Luther. After Nashville she sponsored as a Distributor with a GOLD Plus Pak.  She is excited about Shaklee and the future.


Daphne Boothe (Director, FL)

Coastal Scientist




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