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Hi and Welcome to the Shaklee Family and the Smart Choices Team!

Thank you for becoming a Shaklee member. My goal is that your life will be positively touched through your Shaklee experience, and I am here to be of service to meet your needs.

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This is our product university and when you complete it, you can earn a free product (up to $25 value).  Just email me your certification link and let me know 3 things you learned from the courses.   Log into http://ShakleeUniversity.com  (Hint:  You have to also be logged into http://myshaklee.com to gain access.)

I also offer FREE shipping rebates for listening to our Shaklee health call/webinar recordings.  You can do this monthly.  Start learning here at http://bit.ly/learnprogram

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As a Shaklee member, you partner with a community and a company that has remained true to its values for nearly 60 years – a company committed to product quality, living in harmony with nature and always doing what is right, no matter what the cost. 

USE the products and save 15%, SHARE the Products and earn cash rebates, or BUILD a business and create a meaningful career.  The choice is yours!

Learn the whole Shaklee story by watching the video below.  Send me an email with 3 things you learned and I’ll add a FREE product (up to $25 value) on your next order. 



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Thank you for taking interest in teaming up with the Number #1 Natural Nutrition Company, the Greenest Company on the planet, the pioneers of Direct Selling and Living Sustainable!


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