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The Learn and Earn program is a partnership of business professionals and entrepreneurs who have dedicated themselves to mentor others to improve their health and their wealth. 

The purpose of our recorded webinars is to educate the listener on a variety of health related issues, on the difference of the Shaklee products and on concrete ways to improve overall health.  Our hope is that the information improves your life and the lives of the people with whom you share this site! 


Below is the website link that will take you to specific topic webinars that can be used for our Learn & Earn Program.  Click the topic you wish to listen to and you will be taken to a recorded webinar presentation that runs anywhere from 20 minutes to 1 hour with most being 30-45 minutes long.

You are more than welcome to listen to any/all of the webinars at the website below, each with a wide selection of webinars on a variety of Health topics, or enjoy the following Business videos below (allow a few seconds for connection). Scroll down if you wish to participate in our Learn & Earn Program. 

Health Webinar Website:  BETTER HEALTH IN 31 DAYS
or listen by podcast (click here.)



Click here for LEARN and EARN program guidelines and how you can free products and free shipping!

 *This program is only offered to Shaklee members in my personal group for which I am the business leader.