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We want to join you in educating people that exercise combined with proper nutrition can help them
live longer, happier, and healthier lives.

Recently there has been a rise in the number of boutique fitness studios and gyms, but many of these
businesses do not have a wellness program that includes education or products related to healthy
nutrition, weight loss, and sports nutrition as part of their offering.

Imagine the growth your business could have by being able to offer these programs to your clients!

We have developed the Shaklee Integrated Wellness Program™ (SIWP) to give your business
a competitive edge that will help you give additional benefits to your clients, expand your business
beyond your four walls, increase your customer retention, and create an additional income stream.


What is the Shaklee Integrated Wellness Program™?
• It is a "business in a box" -- a comprehensive wellness program that provides you with the education, tools and support you need to create awareness and education among your existing and future clients regarding:

CORE NUTRITION – The importance of protein and nutritional supplements as the foundation to support optimum health
HEALTHY WEIGHT– Lose the right kind of weight - Shaklee 180® is a revolutionary weight-loss and weight- management program with products designed to help you lose fat not muscle.
HEALTHY CLEANSING – Products that help support healthy digestive function and get your eating habits back on track or used as a pre-weight loss cleansing program.
SPORT NUTRITION – Products that help athletes perform their best before, during and after workouts.


Want a Quick Overview?  Watch this 5 Minute Video


Want to Get ALL the Details?  Watch this 20 minute video.


• Shaklee is more than just great products and a way to earn money. We are a diverse community of
like-minded people who share the belief that by consistently taking small steps of positive change
together, we make a huge difference in the health of people and our planet.

• When you choose to build a business in Shaklee, you are independent but not alone. You are
part of a team with support from mentors, other team members, and the Shaklee Home Office.

• Support tools that can be integrated into your current business—Product Kit to get you
started; personal website; Shaklee Connect™ Mobile APP, to help you manage your business on
the go; training and education by the Shaklee Medical Professionals; training tools to assist you
in conducting educational seminars on Healthy Nutrition, Healthy Weight, Healthy Cleansing,
and Sports Nutrition; potentially lucrative compensation and leadership plan; personal and
professional development; incentives, luxurious trips, and recognition.

• Since our founding, Shaklee has paid over $7 billion in commissions to its Distributors
without missing a month. $2.2 billion of that has been paid out in just the past 10 years,
representing over 30% of commissions paid in the entire 58-year history of Shaklee.

• Over the past 10 years, Shaklee has doubled in size. This is important because so many
companies out there are popping up and then disappearing from the scene. Shaklee is not only
here to stay, we are growing.


If you would like to find out more about being a registered wellness location and/or to schedule a FREE SAMPLING, please EMAIL US at Carla@WellnessLady.com or CALL us at 770-468-8172.  This program will give you an opportunity to make a HUGE difference in the health and overall results of your members!

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Carla Clayton