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Product Guide 2012

    Page through this interactive online Product Guide to see the full catalog of Shaklee products. Order just by clicking on an item, watch a video, and feel free to share it on your social media site, on your blog, or just by emailing the following link to a friend: http://www.betterhealthin31days.com/wellnessplans/pg



Digital Brochures


Changing Brands Brochure 1. Changing Brands

Why Supplement Brochure 2. Why Supplement

Kids Brochure 3. Kids Brochure

Vitalizer Brochure 4. Vitalizer Brochure

Vivix Brochure 5. Anti-Aging: Shaklee Vivix

Get Clean Brochure 6. Get Clean Water

Here Comes the Sun Brochure 7. Here Comes the Sun

Enfuselle Brochure 8. Enfuselle Brochure

Shaklee 180 Success Stories 9. Shaklee 180 Success Stories

Energy Brochure 10. Energy Brochure

Fiber, Meet Flavor Brochure 11. Fiber, Meet Flavor

Joint Health Brochure 12. Advanced Joint Health Complex

Cholesterol Reduction Complex Brochure 13. Lower Your Cholesterol Naturally